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Andromeda Commonwealth High Guard Force Lance

With so many weapons on this list prizing versatility above other features I am simply shocked this beauty has not made the list already. With it firing both plasma shots and smart bullets in both semi auto and auto settings, a DNA lockout and shock system, the ability to be fire remotely or automatically on a given target up to and including being capable of being used as an anti artillery weapon this sidearm was all tool needed for your standard high guard soldier. With the ability to extend into a full staff for close combat, or billy club it thats your preference, a grappling/zip line easy attachment, built in flashlight, a taser and an overload setting. The only thing this handy dew-dad hasn't show a capacity to do is whip of a 5 course meal and all that in just about the sleekest sexiest looking sci-if weapon I have yet to see. In a size so compact you could carry as many as 6 of these bad boys on you and no one would ever know without a full search. Oh did I mention it can follow voice commands as well?