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Biggest cover up in US history

The AL Bolton nomination as chief UN Ambassador. THE dirt came in the form of 20 + signal corp Agents were oustead in the same manner that Valerie P.
SC agents refusal to lie and say that Cuba was harboring weapons of mass destruction. In short Al Bolton was accused of intentionally attempting to fabricate info in order to produce a politicize report of information stating that Cuba was manufacturing WMD's. Many of agents assigned to help Bolton were of the SC branch and refused lie about WMD's. One of the agents refused he attempted to fire them. Bolton found out they were above Clearance and no authority to Fire. He asked and for all the names of the people that worked on his project that were signal core agents. He was given a list of 20 names that he published in order to destroy their cover/carrier. He was accused of 20 plus acts of treason unless he could be brought into role of head of the UN which is a part of the executive branch where his deeds could be absolved. With insufficient votes to secure nomination he was appointed by Bush during summer recess. After he Recieved executive immunity he soon resigned. See cspan footage for nomination of Al Bolton for this story!