Frequently Asked Questions

Using Listoid

What is Listoid?

A place to create and share top lists about anything and everything. Listoid makes it easy to find the best MP3 player under $100, the funniest South Park episode of all time, or the hottest girl in your school. Anyone can vote on, modify, or add to lists so you're guaranteed to find the best of any topic, broad or obscure.

How is Listoid different?

No other place on the web serves up user-created lists ranked by community votes. Listoid lists are completely organic and evolve over time.

Is anyone really free to create and edit lists?

A few limits aside, yes, anyone can create or modify a list.

Can Listoid really track world opinion?

There's a long way to go, but with enough voters, lists can take on an air of authority. Of course Listoid will NEVER be a scientifically valid polling system, but even so, a list with 100,000 votes captures the imagination.

What if I create a great list and someone screws it up?

That can happen, which is why we keep a history of all changes. Prior versions can be restored in 3 clicks.

What is this "beta" thing?

Listoid is brand new, so expect a few kinks. To cover our ass, we're calling it Beta ;)

How can I report a problem or bug, or request a feature?

Use the contact form or visit the development forum.

Why don't you have a category for topic X?

Screen real-estate is limited, so we only promote the most robust and useful categories. These may change over time. If you have a category suggestion, let us know.

Can I create a list of copyrighted content, like "Best Beatles Songs Ever"?

As long as you don't include unauthorized copyrighted material directly in your list, then yes. Uploading actual Beatles mp3s would be a copyright violation. However, you could make a list of song titles with thumbnails, Youtube videos, or links to iTunes. You are responsible for obeying local and federal copyright laws.

What's the best way to share a list I like?

Click the "Share" button under any list to grab a list's Permalink or Embed URL. The permalink is what you'd email your Mom so she can have a look. The Embed is a mini version of the list that you can insert into your blog or website.

How can I keep track of lists I like?

Click the "Fave" button below any list. A bright yellow star will appear, indicating that this list has been added to your favorites page (found in My >> Favorites). You must be registered and logged in to use this feature.

How come I can't access Listoid from IE6?

To deliver a seamless, state-of-the-art user experience we made a conscious decision to use newer technologies, which aren't well-supported on IE6 and older browsers. If you're still on IE6, for the love of God, please upgrade.


May I open multiple accounts?

No! One account per user. To maintain the integrity of the voting system, users with multiple accounts are instantly banned and blacklisted.

How do I change my password?

Make sure you're logged in. Go to My >> Profile. Locate the Change Password option at the bottom of the page.

How do I change my email?

Make sure you're logged in. Go to My >> Profile. Locate the Contact box and click "Edit" to modify your email.

Can I change my username?

Not at this time. Besides, you'd confuse your friends.

I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

Use the Forgot Password page. We'll email you a new password which you can change in your profile.

How can I make the email private on my profile page?

Your email is only visible to you. No one else can see it.

What does this number next to my username mean?

That's your Userscore. It's a measure of your credibility as an overall contributor to the site. The higher your Userscore, the more leeway you have to edit other people's lists. A high userscore also gives your comments, reviews, and edits more authority in the eyes of your peers.

How can I increase my Userscore?

The best way is to create popular lists. The number of votes on your lists, including votes on entries within lists, are a major factor in the Userscore formula. Other factors include up-votes on comments and reviews and the number of times your list has been faved by others.

Can I lose Userscore?

Yes. Spamming the site with useless content, posting inappropriate material or bad comments, or vandalizing other peoples' lists will lower your score and ultimately get you banned.


Who can vote on a list?


Are there limits to the number of times I can vote?

Yes. Register and Login to vote more. Earn a high Userscore to raise your voting caps.

The system is telling me I don't have permission to do X, how come?

To prevent abuse, certain actions are limited to x many per day. This includes voting, commenting, editing, and creating lists. Daily caps rise in proportion to your userscore. If you've run across a cap, wait for the next day to do more.

What's the difference between blue, red, and green vote boxes?

Blue = normal list
Red = hot list
Green = new list

What does the check mark on a vote box mean?

It means you've already voted on that item.

How many votes does it take for my list or entry to become Hot?

Hotness is determined by a complex equation, but basically we factor in number of votes over a given timeframe.

How long will my list stay New?

That depends on context. The more lists created in your category, the sooner they lose their New status.

Can I un-vote?

No. Let's keep it simple.


Can I edit or delete my comment?

Not at this time.

What can I do about obscene or rude comments?

In most cases, if you don't like a comment, vote it down. If a comment is grossly inappropriate, use the "Report" button to bring it to our attention. Keep in mind that unless a comment is unashamedly vile, we will not remove it. Comments are not removed for profanity alone or simply because you have a different view point.


What's the difference between a review and comment?

Comments come fast and free, something like "Oh, that's cool!" Reviews are well-thought out, honest assessments of a product or service meant to inform purchase decisions. A review must have a star rating and a meaningful description.

Can I edit or delete my review?

Not at this time.

Creating Lists & Entries

What's the difference between a list and an entry?

A list is a collection of items. We call those items entries. For example, the list "Best Ice Cream Flavors" will include entries like Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, etc. This structure allows folks to vote on each entry individually. You can also share or add comments to individual entries.

How are lists and entries ranked?

By default, rank is determined simply by number of votes. If you're filtering the view by New or Hot, ranking is adjusted accordingly.

What's are the differences between normal and Factual Lists?

The default (normal) list is designed to track popularity with votes. Sometimes, though, you'll have an idea for a list where ranking by popularity makes no sense. For example, a list of the Tallest Buildings in the World. In this case, ranking should depend on a hard quantity (number of feet), not opinion. This list should be of the Factual type, which will require all entries to supply a hard metric.

How do I create a Factual List?

Just tick the "Factual" checkbox as you're creating a new list. Doing so will bring up two additional drop-down options: 1) Units and 2) Order:

  1. Units specify the type of unit entries in this list are required to have. This can be Feet, Miles per Hour, Pounds... whatever your list calls for.
  2. Order specifies whether entries should be ranked by largest value first or smallest value first. If you were creating a list of the Cheapest Cell Phones Under $200, Smallest to Largest would be most appropriate.

What do the Private checkbox and Non-Editable checkbox do on the Create List page?

These specify alternative types of lists. By default, your list is publicly visible and editable by everyone on Listoid. By ticking "Private", your list will only be visible to you. By ticking "Non-editable", your list will only be editable by you (but it will still be visible to others and votable).

What if my list doesn't fit into any of the given categories?

Add it to a top-level category, like Technology or Lifestyle.

I've added a list but don't see it showing up in any of the categories. How come?

Lists added to high-level categories only show up when you click and browse the high-level category itself. For example, a list added to Technology won't show up under Computers.

Does a list title have to be unique?


Does an entry title have to be unique?

Only within a list.

Should I create lists on duplicate topics?

Every list should be unique, but there can be a lot of healthy overlap and nuance. If you copy a virtually identical list, it might get deleted & mergered in the future.

What type of stuff can I add to my list?

You can add Text, Links, Images, Video, and Audio.

How can I upload a video to Listoid?

Listoid doesn't host videos directly. Use YouTube or your favorite video sharing site for that. Listoid accepts embed URLs from the most common video sharing sites.

Which video sharing sites does Listoid support?

At this time Listoid supports YouTube, Vimeo, and LiveLeak.

How can I add an image along with video and audio to my list?

Entries come in three mutually-exclusive types: image, video, OR audio. Choose one that's most appropriate for your content.

I added some new content to my entry and the image/video/audio that was there is now gone. Why?

Because each entry is limited to one type of media, adding an image to a video entry will replace it, etc. If there's a possibility that you might replace existing content when saving, you will be prompted with a confirmation box.


Who can edit lists and entries?

Any registered member. Newbie members are given a limited number of edits to reduce abuse. Increase your Userscore to gain more editing privileges.

I want to edit a list's title or link, but they're locked. Why?

List and entry Titles, along with Links, are locked automatically after a certain timeframe and/or vote number to prevent hijacking. This ensures that the subject of a list stays the same once enough people chime in.

I've made a great list but someone messed it up. What can I do?

Listoid keeps a History of all changes made to your list. If you feel someone edited a list for the worse, go ahead and restore an older version. As the author of a list, you are given priority to restore. If your lists are being incessantly edited by spammers, report those members to us and they will be banned.

How many edits can I make per day?

This depends on your Userscore. Members with higher scores are given more editing privileges.

How do I restore a previous version of my list?

History is tracked on the list and entry level. Locate the item you're interested in restoring and click the "Edit" button. At the bottom of the item in Edit mode you'll find a "History" button. Clicking it will reveal a list of all previous versions of that item. Find the version you want to restore and click the "Restore" button.

I'm trying to edit a list but the "Edit" button is missing, how come?

First, make sure you're logged in. If it's still missing, take note that the "Edit" button is only visible when you're actually inside a list (as opposed to looking at a preview of it). For example, if you're browsing lists from a category page, you need to click on the List's title to go inside it. There you will find the "Edit" button.


How can I embed a list on my site or blog?

Click the Share button under the list you wish to embed. Copy and paste the Embed URL into the part of your site or blog where you'd like it to appear. The embed will be 400x440 pixels in size.

What are the requirements for embedding lists?

You need access to your site/blog's HTML. The embed iFrame will work with any platform that gives you HTML access.

Can I embed a list directly into my Facebook wall?

Yes. This is available at the list level via the Share button. Clicking the Facebook icon will take you to the Facebook stream publish page. Going through the process will embed a fully-functional Flash list in your wall, visible to all friends.

Why do I get a preview error when publishing to my Facebook wall?

This is a known issue with Facebook's stream publish API. Disregard the preview. Once published, the list works perfectly on your wall.

How come you won't let me publish to my Facebook stream using IE7?

This is a technical limitation. We hope to fix it in the future.

Can I customize the Embed's size and style?

Not at this time.


Someone has added obscene material to my list. What can I do?

Use the History function to restore a clean version. If the problem continues, report that user.

I'm seeing vulgar or offensive material on a list. Should I edit it out?

Maybe, if it's truly vulgar. Keep in mind that some lists might be offensive to you by their nature, like a Best Dirty Jokes list. In such a case, just move on. Don't edit lists just because they're not to taste. Don't edit lists just because you disagree with the original author.

I started a list on topic X and someone changed it to topic Y. What should I do?

Titles and Links lock automatically after a list ages or becomes popular. If someone hijacks your list before then, restore the title as soon as possible. If the title locks before you can get to it, report it or start a new list. Users with a high enough Userscore can edit Titles and Links even after they lock.

Someone has posted my company's copyrighted material on Listoid without permission, what should I do?

Please use the contact page to submit a copyright infringement notice in accordance with Digital Millennium Copyright Act specifications. Be sure to include valid contact information, a link to the infringing material, and evidence that you are the copyright owner, or a legal representative of one. We take all copyright violations seriously and act to resolve them quickly. Remember, misrepresentation of copyright ownership is a serious offense and makes you liable for damages under DMCA.